To promote transparency of governance, facilitate communication between the Government and community and build a more harmonious society.


To serve as a bridge between the Government and the media, reflect public opinion shown on the media and explain policies of the Government.
To facilitate enhancement on the government information dissemination system.


We uphold the values of efficiency, professionalism, excellence, unity, dedication and putting people first.

Scope of services

1. Providing latest information about the MSAR Government;
2. Disseminating government news and photos to media;
3. Assisting media in news covering;
4. Dealing with enquiries from media organizations;
5. Assisting foreign media in news reporting in the territory;
6. Publishing periodicals for promotion of Macao to overseas;
7. Registration of ownership of publishing, printing organizations and news agencies and registration of periodicals and registration of correspondents accredited to Macao.

Performance Pledge

I. Releasing news and photos
(including news releases and news photos written and taken by the Government Information Bureau and other departments.)

1. Update the websites of the Macao SAR Government and the Bureau on a daily basis, with news and photos.
2. English press releases on important issues would be uploaded to the websites within 24 hours.
3. News and photos in Chinese and Portuguese will be disseminated to the media via web-based system within the same day.

II. Accreditation of correspondents

1. Handle within 10 working days after receipt of application and working permit endorsed by employers.

III. Periodicals registration

1. Registration of proprietary entities of newspapers or magazines, publishing and news agency, and registration of periodicals, will be processed within 10 working days and applicants will be notified by mail.

IV. Application for equipment entry

1. Application will be processed within two working days (for timely process, news organisations are advised to apply at least two working days before arrival).
Required documents:
1Brief introduction about the filming production and the length of stay in Macao;
2Information about filming equipment, e.g. brand, model, price;
3List of crew members arriving in Macao with the declared equipment;
4Date of arrival and name of port;
5Date of departure and name of port;
6Detailed contact information of the media organisation.


Deliberation of application will begin only on receipt of application form and required documents, and will be considered completed on the date of the director's dispatch on the application; Holders of disability assessment registration card will have priority to be served.

Public opinion

The Government Information Bureau welcomes comments and suggestions on the above mentioned pledges, which can be sent to the Bureau. All comments and suggestions will be promptly noted and necessary changes will be made accordingly. Complaints will be handled within 45 days.
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