[Developing New Exhibition Themes] The First “Performance Entertainment Expo” Boosts Industries’ Synergy
Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute
2023-11-28 11:36
  • The first performance entertainment expo attracts attendees from various regions.

  • The first performance entertainment expo creates a lot of business opportunities.

  • A number of new specialised conventions and exhibitions are held in Macao.

  • A number of conventions and exhibitions recognised by international MICE accreditation institutes are held in Macao.

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In addition to organising conventions and exhibitions in line with the “1+4” industries development plan, Macao’s exhibition events in 2023 are becoming more diverse, featuring events recognised by international exhibition accreditation institutions, and renowned international brands, as well as new specialised exhibition events such as performance entertainment, forestry, sports trading cards, and sports collectibles. This phenomenon is accelerating the development of the “industry + exhibition” new mode and provide new possibilities for the integration of Macao’s cultural, tourism, sports, and exhibition resources.

Among these activities, the first performance entertainment expo recently held in Macao attracted prominent figures, executives, and representatives from the international and Asian entertainment industry, new media platforms, and entertainment technology companies. During the expo, more than a hundred business matching sessions were facilitated, involving transactions amounting to over HKD 100 million. The event also featured a variety of performances and community tours, attracting audiences from different regions.

Leveraging Multiplier Effects to Create More Economic Value

According to a local exhibition industry practitioner, hosting exhibition MICE events in Macao can stimulate the development of other industries such as hotels, catering, and retail, thereby generating more economic value. The multiplier effects are significant, and it also leverages the synergistic effect of “exhibition + tourism”, driving the local economy and serving as a platform for cross-market exchanges and co-operation among various sectors.

New Co-operation Opportunities Enhancing Macao’s Exhibition Competitiveness

In the meantime, as Macao’s exhibition industry intensifies its co-operation and exchanges with professional exhibition organisers and management units from both domestic and international markets, it plays an engine role. This enhances the industry’s ability to align themselves with international advanced exhibition concepts and management practices, cultivating a broader international perspective. It also strengthens industry networking, facilitates the stable construction of the industry’s talent pool, and provides opportunities for industry upgrading and transformation. These efforts not only comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the overall exhibition service workforce but also elevate Macao’s international influence in the exhibition sector. Moreover, it provides more empowerment for local industry development and brings forth new co-operation opportunities.

Providing a Platform to Facilitate Industrial Synergistic Development

Taking advantage of Macao being recognised as the “Best Conference City (Asia)” and in line with the SAR governments plan for appropriate diversified economic development, combined with the goal of building Macao as the “Capital of Performing Arts” and the “City of Sports” following the direction of cross-industrial synergistic development, in addition to the rich content of “Tourism+”, through collaborative efforts and intensified promotion, it is believed that a more diverse range of domestic and international new specialised exhibition events can be introduced and hosted in Macao, showcasing promising prospects for the exhibition industry’ future development.

Sports Trading Cards and Sports Collectibles Exhibition to be held in December in Macao

As one of the key industries in Macao, the exhibition industry will host events in December focusing on sports trading cards and sports collectibles. Expectations are high for these exciting exhibition events.

Furthermore, based on preliminary information, there were over 700 exhibition events held in Macao during the first three quarters of 2023, which is 1.5 times the total number of events held throughout 2022 and a recovery to approximately 70% of the level seen during the same period in 2019.

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To get the latest official news, please subscribe the Government Information Bureau’s Telegram News Channel at https://t.me/macaogcsEN.
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