Non-tertiary education schools resume classes on January 9 after extension of holidays, institutions of higher education teach classes online and offline
Education and Youth Development Bureau
2022-12-22 22:11
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To avoid the peak of the epidemic and reduce the chance of large COVID-19 outbreaks in schools at the same time, the DSEDJ coordinates holiday time with all non-tertiary education schools in Macao after listening to the opinions of the health department. Starting from today, the school holidays are extended and the class resumption date is January 9, 2023. Institutions of higher education will give lectures as originally planned and carry out teaching activities online or offline. The relevant arrangements are as follows:

Non-tertiary education schools:

  • From January 3 to January 6, 2023, schools should provide friendly measures for students in special education, kindergartens, primary three and lower grades, students with care needs in special education. If necessary, parents can get permission from the school to allow their children to return to school during the said period. Students who have a red health code, fever or other respiratory symptoms cannot return to school. Students with a yellow health code should also stay at home as much as possible.
  • If exams are necessary (especially public exams), teachers and students from the second and third grades of senior high school can return to the school from January 3, 2023 to take the exams and participate in relevant teaching activities.  However, schools have to suspend all activities that do not allow wearing a mask for the whole time, postpone school exams as far as possible.  If students have a red health code or a yellow health code, the school should create conditions for them to take the exams, e.g. separate time slots, separate rooms.
  • Starting from January 3, 2023, teachers, students and school staff will be required to do a rapid antigen test and upload the result to "Macau Health Code" every day before going to school. Schools should remind parents to help children do the test and check the testing status. New antigen test kits will be distributed to students, teachers and school staff by the school after the holidays.
  • Specific guidelines on the said epidemic prevention measures have been formulated. After listening to the opinions of educational groups and schools, the guidelines will be revised and announced to schools.
  • The examination for the joint admission of Macao recommended students by ordinary universities in mainland China will be held on January 7, 2023 as originally planned. Online or offline exams will be arranged according to the requirements of relevant universities. For specific epidemic prevention requirements, please pay attention to the relevant announcements.

Institutions of higher education:

  • In order to reduce the impact on teaching during the transition period of the epidemic, the DSEDJ suggests that institutions of higher education can temporarily adjust their teaching arrangements, including: flexibly handling students’ exams and absences, providing both online and offline teaching from January 2023 to one or two weeks after Chinese New Year holidays. The specific arrangement is subject to the announcement of each institution of higher education.
  • At the same time, starting from December 28, 2022, both faculty and students will be required to do a rapid antigen test and upload the result to "Macau Health Code" before going to school to take face-to-face classes or exams. They can prepare their own antigen test kits through “The Plan to Supply the Rapid Antigen Test Kits to Macao Residents".

The DSEDJ and the health department will dynamically study and assess the development of the epidemic, make necessary adjustments to the criteria for class suspension, the requirements for teachers, students and school staff to do a rapid antigen test, depending on the actual situation. The latest information will be announced to the public in due course, parents and students will be allowed sufficient time to prepare for the changes. In addition, the DSEDJ appeals to students, teachers and school staff to pay attention to their personal health during the holidays and secure their own health. If they have travel plans, they should first understand the epidemic situation and related policies of the destination to avoid affecting their return to Macao.

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