Second phase distribution of “Anti-epidemic Kits” from 14 to 18 December
Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre
2022-12-14 11:35
  • Eligible individuals may scan QR code to book for “anti-epidemic kits” collection

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In response to changes in the epidemic situation in Macao, the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre distributes free “anti-epidemic kits” to members of the public in case of emergency. According to the actual needs of different age groups and the scope of application, there are 4 categories. In the first phase, priority distribution has been arranged for the vulnerable groups in Macao from 8 December onwards, of which distribution has been coordinated by the Social Welfare Bureau and the Education and Youth Development Bureau with relevant residential institutions and educational institutions, relevant targets do not need to collect the kits by themselves.

The second phase of “anti-epidemic kit” distribution from 14 to 18 December will be targeted at other eligible persons, with specific arrangements are as follows:

1. Types of “anti-epidemic kits”

  • General kits: applicable for people aged 12 years old or above (i.e. those born on or before 31 December 2010), containing antipyretic tablets, Lianhua Qingwen capsules, rapid antigen test kits and KN95 face masks;
  • Kits for middle children: applicable for children aged 7 to 11 years old (i.e. those born between 1 January 2011 and 31 December 2015), containing antipyretic tablets, Lianhua Qingwen capsules, rapid antigen test kits and KN95 face masks;
  • Kits for young children: applicable for children aged 3 to 6 years old (i.e. those born between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2019), containing antipyretic syrup, Lianhua Qingwen capsules and rapid antigen test kits;
  • Kits for infants and toddlers: applicable for infants and toddlers aged below 3 years old (i.e. those born on or after 1 January 2020), containing rapid antigen testing kits.

2. Eligible persons for distribution

  • Holders of Macao Resident Identity Cards;
  • Holders of Identification Cards of Non-resident Workers (commonly known as Blue Cards);
  • Non-local students holding student cards of higher education institutions in Macao
  • Holders of Special Stay Permits;
  • Holders of certificates for “Special Authorisation to Stay”.

3. Distribution arrangements (booking is strictly required)

  • The booking is based on the system of the citywide nucleic acid test programme, where booking is strictly required. Residents must book in advance by scanning the QR code below or by visiting;  the booking system will be put into operation at 18:00 today (13 December). To avoid crowding, residents only need to arrive and collect the kit as scheduled;
  • There are 35 distribution stations in the territory, of which, 1 is caring station, and 8 stations have a priority channel in place. The caring station and priority channels are open to children aged 3 years or less, elders aged 70 years or more, pregnant women, holders of Disability Assessment Registration Card or people with reduced mobility. It is advised to make prior booking or collected by family members. One person could be allowed to accompany the above users to collect the kit (including the kit of the companion) by using the priority channel, prior booking is not required; but kit collection on behalf of others is not allowed;
  • Caring station and distribution locations with priority channels are as follows:

Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion B is a caring station. Other stations with priority channels include: Kiang Wu Hospital, Mong-Ha Sports Centre – 3/F, Nam Yue - Qingmao Port, Macao Forum, Trust Leisure Garden/Terminal, Nam Yue - FAOM (G/F, Macao Federation of Trade Unions Workers Stadium), Fisherman’s Wharf NAT station, Macau University of Science and Technology Gymnasium;

  • Except Pavilion A and Pavilion B of Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion are solely for the use of the distribution of anti-epidemic kits, other stations are being used for NAT stations and distribution locations at the same time. Please be aware of the arrangement to avoid entry by mistake;
  • Please bring along the original identity document (same as the document used in the Health Code; non- residents should bring their Identification Cards of Non-resident Workers, Special Stay Permits and “Special Authorisation to Stay”), the booking code and a screenshot of their Macao Health Code;
  • For collection on behalf of others, prior booking is also required. During collection, the representative should present the booking code and the original identity document of the person being represented.

4. Replacement of “anti-epidemic kits”

If an “anti-epidemic kit” has the following conditions, replacement is available at Health Centres:

  • Medication:

Abnormal appearance of drug; expired;

  • Rapid antigen test kits:

Missing components; insufficient solution; unable to display results;

  • KN95 masks:

Missing or broken straps; surface damaged; without nose bridge strip.

It is further stated that all residents should take medication correctly by following the instructions of the health authorities. In addition, COVID-19 vaccination may reduce the risk of infection, and even reduce the risk of severe conditions and death. Therefore, children aged 6 months or older, as well as individuals who remain unvaccinated or have not received booster doses are urged to get vaccinated as soon as possible, i.e. individuals who have received the second or third dose should also receive a booster dose (the third or fourth dose). Besides, the elderly and patients with chronic illnesses should also receive the fourth dose to prolong the protective effect of the COVID-19 vaccine to effectively reduce infections, severe conditions or death.

Residents may visit to make an appointment for COVID-19 vaccination; besides, sufficient on-site quota is also available at all vaccination station for residents without prior booking.

35 distribution locations of “anti-epidemic kits”:


Community Stations


Community Stations


Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion B (caring station)


Leisure Area of Rua Quatro do Bairro Iao Hon NAT station


Mong-Ha Sports Centre – 3/F (priority channel)


Leisure Area of Rua da Missão de Fátima NAT station


Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion A


Travessa 1º de Maio NAT station


University of Macau


Comendador Ho Yin Park (The Sculpture Park of the Chinese Ethnics) NAT station


Kiang Wu Hospital (priority channel)


Leisure Area of Hong Kung Temple NAT station


Nam Yue - Qingmao Port (priority channel)


Areia Preta Urban Park (near motorcycles inspection centre) NAT station


Macau University of Science and Technology Gymnasium (priority channel)


Seac Pai Van Temporary Health Station


Macao Forum (priority channel)


Civic Education Kiosk


Riviera Macau/Terminal


Edf. Nova Taipa Garden at Rua de Bragança (former Taipa reception centre of Financial Bureau)


Escola Luso-Chinesa de Coloane


Nam Yue - FAOM (G/F, Macao Federation of Trade Unions Workers Stadium) (priority channel)


Nam Yue - Kon Chi Medical Service Centre


Ocean Gardens NAT station


Leisure Area of Lilau Square NAT station


Nam Yue -Patane NAT station


Camões Square NAT station


Travessa Central da Praia Grande(near Grand Emperor Hotel)


Flora Garden NAT station


Nan Yue - Hengqin Port


Leisure Area in Baía Norte do Fai Chi Kei NAT station


Leisure Area of Rua Oito do Bairro Iao Hon


Leisure Area in Bairro Social de Tamagnini Barbosa NAT station


Fisherman’s Wharf NAT station (priority channel)


Trust Leisure Garden/Terminal (priority channel)


Construction site of Islands District Health Services Complex


Areia Preta Urban Park (near Areia Preta Health Centre) NAT station



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