Starting Today, Old-age Pension can be Applied with “Macao One Account”
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Social Security Fund
2022-09-20 10:37

Starting today, eligible senior citizens can file their old-age pension applications without leaving home, on the "Macao One Account" mobile app or website.  The system will automatically calculate the amount of old-age pension that the applicant can receive based on his/her acutal circumstances, and it will show the applicant’s basic information.  Applicants only need to provide bank account details and perform facial recognition to complete the application process.  The steps are easy, and there is no need to visit a service point in person throughout the process.

Whether over 65 years old, over 60 years old but under 65 years old, beneficiaries of the Social Security System enrolled before 1 January 2011 (old system) or after the date (new system), as long as the beneficiary meets the requirements for making contributions for at least 60 months and having habitually resided in Macao for at least seven years, he/she may apply for old-age pension without leaving home, by logging in to the “Macao One Account” mobile app or website.

After accessing the old-age pension application page of “Macao One Account”, the system will show information such as the amount of old-age pension that the applicant can receive, the accumulated contribution months, and the age percentage of receiving early old-age pension, if any, based on the applicant’s actual circumstances.  After cofirming the information, he/she will enter the application information page.  The system will automatically show basic information such as the applicant's name and beneficiary number.  The applicant only needs to select the receiving bank and fill in the personal MOP bank account number.  If necessary, the applicant may also modify his/her address on the Social Security Fund’s records, and then upload the bank information photo showing the bank name, account name, account number and currency.  After verifying that all application information is correct, and following the prompts to complete the facial recognition, the application can be successfully submitted. The operation steps are very simple.  The steps of the web version are the same, but the applicant needs to use a mobile device with facial recognition function, such as a mobile phone to assist in the facial recognition step.  After the application is completed, the beneficiary may check the status of his/her application at any time, by logging in to “Macao One Account”.