MITE innovates on 10th anniversary Seven major highlights unveil business opportunities online and offline
Macao Government Tourism Office
2022-09-02 18:12
  • 10th MITE will be staged from 23 – 25 September

  • Rendering of MGTO’s pavilion

  • Rendering of MGTO’s pavilion

  • Rendering of MGTO’s pavilion

  • Rendering of MGTO’s pavilion

  • Rendering of “Mak Mak Land”

  • 10th MITE will take place from 23 – 25 September (stock photo)

  • MITE supports the trade to explore business opportunities (stock photo)

  • MITE features “City of Gastronomy” Culinary Demonstrations and “Gastronomy Pavilion” again (stock photo)

  • There is a grand lucky drawer for consumers at MITE again (stock photo)

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【DST】Promotional video for 10th MITE

The 10th Macao International Travel (Industry) Expo (referred to as the “Expo” or “MITE”) will be held from 23 — 25 September 2022. The Expo will go on to optimize its program and offer new elements for more profound integration across “tourism +”. Offering seven major highlights with a fascinating diversity to offer, the Expo features several new exhibition zones, pavilions and initiatives, set to support the trade in exploring business opportunities online and offline.

1. Enrich “Cloud Series” multifacetedly to support trade in tapping business opportunities online

Cloud invitations are newly rolled out this year to call for buyers and exhibitors from different sectors and regions. For “Cloud Live Promotion”, over 20 tourism entities and enterprises from near and afar will present their destinations’ tourism resources. At “Cloud Live Broadcast”, exhibitors will promote products and conduct live-stream sale on over ten e-commerce platforms and social media. “Cloud B2B” and “Cloud Contract-signing” will be enhanced. The number of days for “Cloud B2B” is almost doubled from the last edition, offering ample time for exhibitors and buyers to discuss and reach cooperation before and after the Expo.

2. “Lusofonia Pavilion” debuts to showcase colorful cultures and Macao as a Sino-Portuguese platform

The new Lusofonia Pavilion will gather exhibitors from various Portuguese-speaking communities in Macao for a showcase of their unique handicrafts, dance, singing, culinary delights and more. The Pavilion will highlight Macao’s role as a Sino-Portuguese platform. Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) will arrange for local enterprises and distributors of food commodities from Portuguese-speaking countries to exhibit at the Pavilion. The Permanent Secretariat of the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries (Macao) will run its own pavilion again and organize the Promotion Seminar of Tourism Products from Portuguese-speaking Countries.

3. Leverage strengths of five Gastronomic Cities of Gastronomy to foster exchange and innovation on culinary culture

Renowned chefs from Chengdu, Shunde, Yangzhou, Huai’an — the four UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy in the Mainland — and Macao will meet at the Expo for culinary exchange. Including famous chefs from local restaurants rated in the Michelin Guide and Black Pearl Restaurant Guide, they will conduct over 20 culinary demonstrations at the “City of Gastronomy Kitchen”. The event will once again present the Gastronomy Pavilion, where local catering businesses will serve wonderful delicacies, besides promoting food products on special offer by live-stream sale, unleashing Macao’s charm as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.

4. In-Depth Cooperation Zone joins as a new exhibitor to expand tourism cooperation between Hengqin and Macao

The Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin will run its first themed zone at the Expo to introduce its development plan and progress in tourism and other sectors. Under its arrangement, delegates will pay an exchange and familiarization visit to Hengqin to explore cooperation in multi-destination tourism and the prospect of the developing mechanisms “one conference, two cities” and “one exhibition, two cities”.

Under the tutelage of the Department of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China, the Tourism Education and Training Base for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and China Tourism Academy (Data Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism) will jointly organize the High-level Forum on Greater Bay Area Tourism Development 2022. Under the theme of “Developing the in-depth cooperation zone and a world centre of tourism and leisure”, the Forum will explore the new possibilities unlocked by the development of the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, especially on blending the strengths of Macao and Hengqin in cultural tourism to propel Macao’s transformation into a world centre of tourism and leisure.

5. Deepen cross-sector integration between “tourism + culture and creativity” and propel cultural tourism and consumption with more and greater products

In line with the development project of the “Macao center for preservation and inheritance of cultural heritage of the Imperial Palace”, while supporting Macao to become an exchange and cooperation base where Chinese culture prevails and different cultures flourish in harmony, the Expo welcomes the Palace Museum as a new exhibitor that brings over 100 special cultural and creative products including the series named “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains”. Experts on the repair craftmanship of ancient buildings are invited to demonstrate the skills involved as an intangible cultural heritage. Furthermore, the Cultural and Creative Zone and Mak Mak Land are both expanded in scale to deepen integration between “tourism + culture and creativity”.

6. Join hands with local travel trade to invigorate tourism economy

The Macao Tourism Industry Zone will feature not just “Macao Street” again but also “COTAI Strip” for the first time, where the six local integrated resorts will set up special booths to advertise excellent hotel products and services. Along the Macao Street, exhibitors will promote and sell local tours and hotel staycation products under the “Stay, Dine and See Macao” project, Macao Highlight Tours, cultural tours on special offer, and distinctive products made in Macao. They will also leverage live-stream retail to widen online sale channels.

A MITE-themed tour route will be available from 23 – 25 September under the “Stay, Dine and See Macao” project. Residents are welcome to sign up. For details, please visit: In celebration of the 10th anniversary, the “Stay, Dine and See Macao” project will launch the ten-dollar community tour routes during the three-day Expo, encouraging residents to experience the colorful dynamic of local communities.

7. Brand Macao as a wedding destination to boost economy

Some ten wedding businesses in Macao and from the Mainland will exhibit at the newly-launched Macao Wedding Destination Pavilion. Buyers and exhibitors from the wedding travel sectors in different parts of the Mainland will meet each other for business matching. Familiarization visits to wedding travel venues will be arranged this year to promote strategic partnerships in the wedding tourism industry and the Travel Stimulation Program for wedding tourism. In addition, the Macau Federal Commercial Association of Convention & Exhibition Industry will organize the 2nd Macau Wedding Destination Forum 2022 at the Expo, to brand Macao as a wedding destination together.

Buy with 300 patacas or more to enter lucky draw

The Expo will feature a grand lucky draw “Mak Mak Land”. Upon purchase of products equivalent to the culminative value of 300 patacas or above at the Expo, individuals can join the grand lucky draw “Mak Mak Land” for a chance to win attractive gifts.

Individuals who have scheduled a visit on MITE’s website ( can present their appointment QR code upon admission to obtain a 10-patacas receipt which will count into their consumption quota required for entering the “Mak Mak Land” grand lucky draw. Between 16 and 25 September, an online game named “Shake to Travel Around the World” will allow players to experience virtual visits to ten famous attractions in Macao and overseas through AR facial recognition technology. If players shake and get a local tourist attraction in the game, they will win a 40-patacas receipt as part of the quota required for entering the lucky draw. The first 4,000 players can choose the photo of their favorite destination for a postcard printed at MGTO’s booth. The above receipts can be used only as part of the consumption quota for entering the lucky draw.

2nd Incubation Plan for Macao’s KOL in Tourism will present a talent sharing session at MITE

Organized by MGTO and coordinated by Macau Live Streaming Association, the “2nd Incubation Plan for Macao’s KOL in Tourism”, themed as gastronomic promotion, will hold a talent sharing session at the Expo on 25 September. Popular gastronomic KOLs from the Mainland and Macao are invited to attend the session. The details and application period for the 2nd Incubation Plan for Macao’s KOL in Tourism will be announced later.

For the fascinating program and latest information, please visit MITE’s official website:, or follow MITE on Facebook and WeChat.

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