Some locations in green areas in Avenida da Praia, Taipa to be partially enclosed during installation of video recording system
Municipal Affairs Bureau
The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) will successively install video recording and surveillance system in the ecological trail and venue for flower exhibition in Avenida da Praia, Taipa and Taipa Municipal Garden from mid-September for optimisation of
Starting Today, Old-age Pension can be Applied with “Macao One Account”
Social Security Fund
Starting today, eligible senior citizens can file their old-age pension applications without leaving home, on the "Macao One Account" mobile app or website.  The system will automatically calculate the amount of old-age pension that the applicant can
IAM removes vines in Guia Hill to maintain forests
Municipal Affairs Bureau
Typhoons in recent years have caused serious damage to the mountain forests in Macao and accelerated the growth of vines that subsequently cover a large area of ​​mountain forests, affecting the normal growth of trees and making the natural regenerat
Reorganisation of Horta da Mitra Municipal Market to commence in first quarter of 2023 for preservation of façade, update of facilities and layout and separation of dry and wet zones
Municipal Affairs Bureau
After consultation with different sectors such as market vendors, associations in the area and architectural and urban planning professionals, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has formulated the reorganisation plan of Horta da Mitra Municipal Marke
IAM steps up garbage clearance in response to typhoon and implements environmental hygiene measures according to actual situation, calling for public cooperation
Municipal Affairs Bureau
As Tropical Storm “Ma-on” is approaching Macao and is expected to bring unstable weather, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has coordinated with the Macau Residue System Company, Ltd. to develop a preliminary plan for the garbage clearance work befo
Inspection, management and protection of trees during typhoon season and management of green facilities after typhoon
Municipal Affairs Bureau
The increased frequency of extreme weather events and typhoons in recent years poses certain hazards for the trees in Macao. In order to protect the green environment in Macao and allow trees to receive timely maintenance, the Municipal Affairs Burea
IAS Urges Social Service Facilities and the Public to  Take Precautions Against Wind and Flooding
Social Welfare Bureau
In view of the yellow storm surge warning and the tropical cyclone signal No.3 issued by the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) at 2pm, the The Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) urges those social services facilities in low-lying areas that have n
Guia Hill Cable Car to resume operation tomorrow after completion of replacement and testing of main cables
Municipal Affairs Bureau
The Guia Hill Cable Car operation, which has been suspended because the main cables have been worn out, will resume operation from tomorrow (16 August) onwards as the replacement works of the main cables and a series of works such as connection of ca
IAM launches registration platform to help target worker populations in food and beverage sector undergo regular nucleic acid tests in accordance with hygiene guidelines
Municipal Affairs Bureau
In order to better supervise practitioners in food and beverage establishments and beverage establishments on fulfilling their epidemic prevention obligations and undergoing regular nucleic acid tests as required by the Health Bureau, the Municipal A
IAM launches anti-epidemic community cleaning campaign and clears up 1.5 tons of garbage during hygiene improvement of building clusters in northern district
Municipal Affairs Bureau
IAM launches anti-epidemic community cleaning campaign. As Macao enters the normalisation stage of epidemic prevention, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has launched an anti-epidemic community cleaning campaign that includes key hygienic screening